Transport conditions - Extract from the general transport conditions


  • children under 6 years (free)
  • children under 14 years (50%)
  • handicapped people (70%)
    and people who accompany them (20%)
  • groups from 20 people onward on daily trips (10%)

Mondays and Fridays

  • senior citizens with a senior card (20%)
  • students (20%)
  • people receiving support from the state (20%)
  • unemployed people (20%)

Only one reduction can be claimed.

There are no reductions for special trips, day trips and evening trips, gastronomic trips and combination-tickets.

Changes in the timetable are possible. In case of fewer than 15 people, trips can be cancelled. Reserved tickets must be fetched 15 minutes before the trip begins. If not, the reservation is no more valid.

If you have got a ticket with a seat number, you can only claim the seat with this special number.

You can´t give back ticket which you have already bought.

Bikes can only be transported if there is enough space.

It is forbidden to bring and consume alcoholic drinks on board of our ships. It may happen that there are controls.

In case of fog, storm or snow the shipping company can cancel or change trips. Events can be organized on the ships in the harbor. But there is no claim for any compensation.


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