Day trip inner city of Berlin

The Capital City from the upstream face...

A highly interesting tour! Across distributaries of the river Havel, through channals and floodgates and finally on the river Spree you reach Germany's capital city by boat. You sit in the first row when wards, gardens and bridges, watergates and historical as well as modern buildings can be gazed.

The bridge „Oberbaumbrücke“ (Berlin's longest bridge with 154m), the Molecule Man ( a 30m high sculpture, drafted by the American artist Jonathan Borofsky. It was positioned in the river Spree in 1999), the Nikolai Quarter, the Berlin Cathedral (built in the Italian Renaissance style for the Prussian King and German Emperor Wilhelm II, badly damaged in World War II by a liquid fire bomb.

The reconstruction started in 1975, since 1993 it is reopened for devine service and cultural events), the unique Berlin Television Tower with its height of 368 m, the Museum Island, the German Parliament Building with its magnificient glass dome (reconstructed in 1994 – 1999, one of Berlin's main sights), the Federal Chancellery (former commercial area with brick- lined buildings, today a futuristically designed building and seat of many ministries), the Swiss Embassy, Bellevue Castle and many many more.

Passing the wards Treptow, Friedrichshain, Berlin Mitte and Spandau the ship reaches the harbour in Potsdam in the early evening.

Enjoy a day full of marvellous impressions with one of our modern passenger ships!


Dates: every Wednesday and Sunday May 6 - October 4
  every Thursday June 18 - August 27
Departure times:  
From Potsdam Lange Brücke ab
9:30 a.m.  
To Potsdam Lange Brücke an
5:30 p.m.  
Fahrpreis: 28,00 €  


Reservation recommended!


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