Welcome on board

Schiffahrt in PotsdamDiscover the city of Potsdam at the river Havel. It´s a pleasure for us to welcome you at one of the most beautiful places in Potsdam: the reconstructed harbour situated at the bridge “Lange Brücke” next to the main station and the Lustgarten. You find the Weiße Flotte directly at the Hotel Mercure.
From here, modern passenger ships and lovingly restored historical steamers start to various river cruises, day trips, romantic moonlight cruises. You can even dance through the night on one of our ships.
If you take the Palace Tour you will be able to follow the traces of former kings and queens of the Hohenzollern dynasty. Discover what belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage: The beautiful palaces and parks on this side of and beyond the bridge “Glienicker Brücke”. They are lined up next to one another like a string of pearls along the bank of the river Havel.
Moving downstream it is the romantic Havel landscape with its almost untouched nature which fascinates you. The Havel- Tour leads you to one of the most interesting river areas of Germany. With our new Family Ticket our cruises become a collective event for young and aged.
Go around the isle of Potsdam in 4 hours or enjoy this unique tour by coffee, lunch or a refreshing drink. Take the Great Island Cruise.
Day trips to the metropolis Berlin will become a very special sightseeing experience. By the way, if you buy our Boardcard 50 you will be able to enjoy round trips and day trips for half the price and that for one year.

At six weekends in summer 2011 we organize something very special for you: the “Nocturnal Palace Impressions”. Enjoy the illuminated palaces at night. This is a very romantic happening on the river Havel.
Or are you interested in chartering one of our ships? If you do so, our service team will advice you competently. We will look after everything that is connected with your cruise. Whether that is food and drinks or music.


The staff of the Weiße Flotte is looking forward to you and wishes you a great time aboard.